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Imperial Yeast, founded in 2014, is dedicated to supporting brewers worldwide in creating exceptional craft beer. With a strong focus on yeast and fermentation, the company has grown significantly since its inception in Portland, OR. In 2020, they expanded their operations to Philadelphia, PA, to better serve customers on the East Coast.

The company attributes its growth and sustainability to the support of brewers, their passion for beer, and a dedicated team with decades of brewing experience. They value innovation and credit their success to the diverse perspectives and experiences of their employees.

Imperial Yeast's core values are centered around Trusted Performance, ensuring brewers can rely on their yeast strains for consistent results; Consistent Quality, with a commitment to stringent quality control to deliver reliable products; Guaranteed Availability, offering a catalog of 24 strains that are guaranteed in-stock. They are dedicated to providing expert technical support and customer service to assist brewers at every step.

Their commitment to the brewing community is reflected in their focus on quality, reliability, and customer support, making them a trusted partner for both professional and home brewers alike.

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