Collection: Base Malt Collection: The Foundation of Your Homebrew

Elevate your homebrewing game with SoCal Brewing Supply's Base Malt Collection. Our carefully curated selection of base malts is the cornerstone of any beer recipe, providing the essential sugars, flavors, and aromas that define your brew's character. Whether you're crafting a light and crisp Pilsner or a robust and malty Ale, our base malts ensure a solid foundation for your beer.

Our collection features high-quality malts from renowned maltsters, offering a variety of options to suit your brewing needs. From classic 2-Row and Pilsner malts to specialty Maris Otter and Vienna malts, each type brings its unique attributes to your beer, influencing color, body, and taste.

Perfect for all-grain and partial mash brewing, our base malts are available in various quantities to match your batch size. With SoCal Brewing Supply's Base Malt Collection, you can confidently create beers that are truly your own.

Explore our selection and start building your beer from the ground up with the best base malts in the market!


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