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Sake #7 | White Labs WLP705 Yeast

Sake #7 | White Labs WLP705 Yeast

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Unleash the art of traditional Japanese sake brewing with White Labs Sake #7 Yeast, WLP705. Specially cultivated to cater to sake enthusiasts, this yeast strain is perfect for brewing a variety of sake types, from dry to slightly sweet. WLP705 allows the subtle nuances of rice fermentation to shine through, enhancing the sake's natural flavors and aromatic qualities.

This yeast not only ensures a robust fermentation process but also imparts a clean, rich profile, making it ideal for those looking to explore authentic sake brewing at home. With its ability to produce sake that is true to traditional tastes and textures, WLP705 is a must-have for both novice and experienced brewers. It supports a smooth fermentation journey, ensuring that each batch achieves the desired clarity and flavor complexity typical of high-quality sake. Whether you are experimenting with different rice types or aiming for a specific style, WLP705 provides the reliability and quality necessary to craft exceptional sake.

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