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Weyermann® Roasted Barley - 1 oz.

Weyermann® Roasted Barley - 1 oz.

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Weyermann® Roasted Barley, a specialty malt from Weyermann® Malting Company, is crafted to add intense roasted and coffee-like flavors to your brews. With precision and expertise, this malt is designed for brewers seeking to impart dark color, a robust roasted character, and a touch of bitterness to their stouts, porters, and other dark beer styles.

Produced through a specialized malting process, Roasted Barley offers a Lovibond color typically ranging from 430L to 550L, resulting in a deep brown to black hue in the beer. This visually striking malt is particularly well-suited for styles where a bold and roasted malt character is desired.

The flavor profile of Weyermann® Roasted Barley is characterized by intense roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes with a hint of bitterness. It adds depth, complexity, and a dry finish, making it an excellent choice for stouts, porters, and other dark ales where a robust roasted flavor is a key component.

As a specialty malt, Weyermann® Roasted Barley allows brewers to experiment with different quantities to achieve varying levels of roastiness in their beers. Whether used in smaller amounts for subtle undertones or as a significant contributor to the malt bill, this malt provides creative possibilities and versatility.

In the brewing process, the dark color and robust roasted character from Weyermann® Roasted Barley are transferred to the beer, creating a satisfying and flavorful profile. Brewers can use this malt to enhance the malt character and add a bold roasted flavor to their stouts, porters, and other dark beer styles, contributing to a well-balanced and nuanced final product.

Elevate your brewing endeavors with Weyermann® Roasted Barley, and let the expertise of Weyermann® Malting Company shine through in every sip of your meticulously crafted dark beers. Add intensity, depth, and a robust roasted character to your brews with this exceptional specialty malt.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Roasted Malt

Flavor/Aroma: Typical, intense roasting with coffee notes

Maximum Volume: Up to 5%

Lovibond: 377.5 - 490.6

Country of Origin: Germany

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