Collection: Explore Our Extensive Brewing Grains Collection from Around the World

Discover the heart of homebrewing with SoCal Brewing Supply's vast collection of hundreds of brewing grains, offering everything from malted barley, oats, spelt, rye, rice, to wheat. Sourced from premium regions around the globe including Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, our selection embodies the pinnacle of quality and variety. Featuring esteemed brands such as Briess, Rahr, Weyermann, Gamburinus, Crisp, and Simpsons, we're dedicated to providing brewers with the finest ingredients for their craft.

Whether you're experimenting with a new recipe or perfecting a classic, our flexible buying options allow you to purchase grains by the ounce, ensuring you get exactly what you need without excess. For those in need of larger quantities, we also offer bulk bags of 50 or 55 pounds. Our commitment to your brewing journey is reflected in our willingness to source any grain manufacture or type upon request, quickly expanding our offerings to meet your needs.

At SoCal Brewing Supply, we understand the importance of precision in brewing. That's why we offer complimentary milling services for your grains, tailored to suit your specific brewing requirements. When ordering, your grains will be conveniently packaged in a single vacuum-sealed bag to preserve freshness. If your order spans multiple recipes, simply indicate your preferences or provide recipes in the shopping cart notes, and we'll organize your grains accordingly.

Dive into our extensive brewing grains collection today and elevate your homebrewing experience. With SoCal Brewing Supply, explore the limitless possibilities of brewing, supported by our unparalleled selection and customer-centric services. Let your brewing adventure begin!


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