Collection: Adjunct, Flaked & Unmalted Adjunct Grains Collection: Enhance Your Brew's Texture and Flavor

Elevate your homebrewing creations with SoCal Brewing Supply's Adjunct, Flaked & Unmalted Adjunct Grains Collection. Our diverse range of adjunct grains is perfect for adding unique textures, flavors, and mouthfeel to your beer. Whether you're crafting a creamy Stout, a light and crisp Lager, or experimenting with a new recipe, our adjunct grains provide the versatility you need to make your brew stand out.

Our collection includes flaked oats, corn, barley, wheat, and more, each offering distinct characteristics to enhance your beer. Flaked oats add a silky smoothness to Stouts and Porters, while flaked corn contributes a light body and subtle sweetness to lighter beer styles. Unmalted wheat and barley can increase head retention and add a hazy appearance to your brew.

Suitable for all-grain and extract brewing, our adjunct grains are available in various quantities to match your brewing scale. With SoCal Brewing Supply's Adjunct, Flaked & Unmalted Adjunct Grains Collection, you have the freedom to experiment and tailor your beer to your preferences.

Discover the possibilities and add a new dimension to your homebrew with our premium adjunct grains!


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