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Briess Flaked Barley (Unmalted)

Briess Flaked Barley (Unmalted)

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Flaked Barley, an unmalted brewing adjunct, is a versatile ally in the homebrewer's toolkit. Produced by steaming and rolling barley kernels into light, flattened flakes, it serves multiple purposes in enhancing the characteristics of your homebrew.

Adding Flaked Barley to your homebrew imparts a mild, grainy flavor with a subtle nuttiness, elevating the beer's overall complexity. Its key contribution lies in delivering a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, enhancing body, and promoting head retention. This makes Flaked Barley a valuable ingredient for achieving a desired texture in various beer styles.

While Flaked Barley itself maintains a pale color, its impact on beer color is nuanced and depends on the overall malt bill and brewing process. It can introduce a slight haze to the beer without significantly altering its base color.

Flaked Barley is frequently employed in stouts and porters to introduce a creamy texture, enrich body, and contribute to a luscious mouthfeel. In Irish Red Ales, it finds its place in the malt bill, imparting body and enhancing the beer's overall mouthfeel. Known for its ability to improve body and mouthfeel, Flaked Barley is sometimes included in recipes for certain Scottish ale variations. For lighter beer styles like cream ales, Flaked Barley adds a smooth and creamy texture, enriching the overall drinking experience.

When incorporating Flaked Barley into your homebrew recipes, it is recommended to include it in the mash alongside malted grains. Due to its lack of enzymes, Flaked Barley relies on the presence of base malts for starch conversion during the mashing process.

Flaked Barley opens avenues for creativity in homebrewing, offering a convenient means to enhance texture, body, and flavor in a variety of beer styles. Elevate your brewing endeavors with the versatile utility of Flaked Barley and craft beers that delight the palate with their unique and satisfying characteristics.

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Grain: Barley

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Country of Origin: United States

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