Collection: Discover the World's Finest Hops Collection for Homebrewing

Embark on a global brewing adventure with SoCal Brewing Supply, home to the world's most extensive hops collection, meticulously sourced from the premier hop-growing regions across the globe. Our collection boasts hundreds of hop varieties, available by the ounce in vacuum-sealed pouches for maximum freshness and flavor preservation. From the verdant fields of the Pacific Northwest in the United States to the fertile regions surrounding The Great Lakes, and from the historic hop farms of Germany to the unique terroirs of New Zealand, our selection spans the globe.

With hops from the US, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, South Africa, Poland, New Zealand, and Australia, SoCal Brewing Supply is your gateway to authentically crafting regionally accurate beers of every style. Our diverse range of hops, alongside our globally sourced grains, provides an unparalleled opportunity for brewers to experiment and perfect beers that are true to their origins.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of every brewer, we ensure that if a desired hop variety is not in our inventory, we will go the extra mile to add it. Our commitment to quality and variety empowers you to bring your brewing visions to life with the right ingredients at your fingertips.

Explore our hops collection today and take advantage of our extensive selection to brew with the finest hops from around the world. Whether you're aiming to replicate a classic style or innovate with new flavors, SoCal Brewing Supply is your partner in brewing excellence, offering the hops you need to create exceptional beers.

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