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Bullion Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

Bullion Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

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Bullion hops, a classic English hop variety, offer a distinct and robust flavor profile that can add depth to your brew. Renowned for their intense bitterness and earthy, spicy, and somewhat fruity aromas, Bullion hops are a bold choice for craft brewers.

With origins dating back to the early 20th century, Bullion hops have been used in a range of beer styles, particularly in English ales and stouts. Their potent bitterness and unique character make them a favorite for brewers seeking to impart a bold and memorable taste to their creations.

Considered a dual-purpose hop, Bullion can be utilized for both bittering and aroma, providing flexibility in crafting various beer recipes. If you're looking to infuse your brew with a distinctive and robust character, Bullion hops are a noteworthy option that pays homage to the heritage of English brewing traditions.


Alpha Acidity: 9.2
Intended Purpose: Bittering
Flavor/Aroma: Spicy and Dark Fruit

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