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Altus Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Altus Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Journey into the heart of European brewing tradition with Altus Hops – the embodiment of continental sophistication for your beer. Grown in the hop fields of Germany, Altus adds a touch of Old World charm to your brew, weaving a tapestry of floral, spicy, and herbal notes that reflect centuries of brewing mastery. Elevate your beer to a symphony of elegance with Altus Hops!

Key Features:
  • German Craftsmanship: Altus Hops hail from the revered hop gardens of Germany, where brewing is not just a tradition but an art form. Infused with centuries of craftsmanship, these hops bring the essence of European brewing excellence to your beer.
  • Floral Symphony: Picture a meadow in full bloom – that's the floral symphony Altus Hops bring to your brew. Delicate floral notes dance on the palate, creating a refreshing and refined character that complements a variety of beer styles.
  • Spicy Undertones: Altus doesn't stop at floral elegance; it introduces a subtle spice to the flavor profile. Imagine a hint of noble hop spiciness that adds a layer of complexity, making your beer a showcase of European hop sophistication.
  • Herbal Intrigue: Dive into a garden of herbal intrigue with Altus Hops. The herbal notes enhance the overall aroma, contributing depth and character to your beer. It's a subtle nod to the lush landscapes where these hops flourish.
  • Alpha Acid Harmony: While not a high-alpha variety, Altus Hops bring a balanced bitterness to the brew. They are perfect for styles where a moderate bitterness complements the malt profile, allowing the other flavors to shine without overpowering the palate.
  • Versatile European Accent: Altus Hops are versatile companions for brewers exploring European-style beers, from traditional lagers to contemporary ales. Their nuanced flavor profile adapts to your brewing vision, adding a touch of European flair to every sip.
  • Old World Brewing Heritage: Brew with Altus Hops, and you're tapping into the brewing heritage of Old World Europe. These hops are a connection to the roots of beer culture, offering a taste of the timeless elegance that has defined European brewing for generations.

Elevate your beer to a realm of European sophistication with Altus Hops – where floral, spicy, and herbal notes converge in a harmonious symphony. Order your Altus Hops today and infuse your brew with the timeless elegance of German brewing tradition!


Alpha Acidity: 15.9
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: Spicy, Dank, Herbal, Grass, and Tangerine

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