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Flaked Oats

Flaked Oats

Buy grain by the ounce, order as much or little as needed. By default, we will combine grains into a single bag. If you'd like us to keep your grains separated, please leave a comment in the Shopping Cart's notes section. We've included a pounds to ounce conversion chart below.

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Flaked Oats, a prized ingredient in the homebrewer's arsenal, introduces a wealth of benefits to your craft. These oats are meticulously processed by steaming and rolling, offering a convenient addition to your homebrew recipes.

Incorporating Flaked Oats into your brew imparts a smooth, silky texture and enhances mouthfeel, making it an excellent choice for a variety of beer styles. The oats contribute a distinct creaminess, adding body and promoting head retention. This makes Flaked Oats particularly well-suited for crafting beers with a luscious and satisfying character.

In terms of flavor, Flaked Oats introduce subtle, sweet notes, enriching the overall complexity of the beer. Their impact on color is minimal, ensuring that the beer maintains its desired hue while benefiting from the oats' textural contributions.

Flaked Oats find their place in various beer styles, including:

1. Stouts and Porters: A classic choice for imparting a velvety smoothness and enhancing the mouthfeel in rich and robust dark beers.

2. New England IPAs (NEIPAs): Known for contributing to the hazy appearance and soft, juicy texture characteristic of NEIPAs.

3. Belgian Witbiers: Adds a creamy texture and enhances the haziness in this refreshing wheat beer style.

4. Oatmeal Pale Ales: Ideal for introducing a subtle creaminess to lighter ales without overshadowing hop flavors.

When incorporating Flaked Oats into your homebrew recipes, it is recommended to include them in the mash alongside malted grains. Their ability to provide body, enhance mouthfeel, and contribute to a satisfying creaminess makes Flaked Oats a versatile and valuable addition to your brewing toolkit.

Flaked Oats invite experimentation, allowing homebrewers to tailor the texture and mouthfeel of their beers. Elevate your brewing endeavors with the enriching qualities of Flaked Oats and craft beers that delight the senses with their smooth and creamy character.

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