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Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes - 50 lb. Sack

Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes - 50 lb. Sack

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Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes offer a unique and innovative addition to the brewer's toolkit, bringing a touch of creativity to the art of crafting exceptional beer. Developed by Briess Malting Company, a trusted name in the brewing industry since 1876, these brown rice flakes provide brewers with a versatile and gluten-free option.

Made from high-quality brown rice, these flakes contribute a distinct character to the brew. With a light color profile and a subtle nutty flavor, they introduce a layer of complexity to the beer, expanding the possibilities for brewers seeking alternative grains.

Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes are renowned for their ability to enhance mouthfeel and head retention in the final beer. The inclusion of rice in the brewing process not only adds a unique flavor element but also contributes to a light and refreshing quality in the finished product.

As a gluten-free option, these flakes cater to a diverse range of beer enthusiasts, including those with gluten sensitivities. Brewers looking to create gluten-free or gluten-reduced beers can incorporate Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes to achieve a distinctive and satisfying result.

Whether used as a partial replacement for traditional malts or as the primary grain in gluten-free recipes, these brown rice flakes open the door to a variety of beer styles. From light lagers to experimental ales, brewers have the flexibility to explore new dimensions of flavor and texture.

In conclusion, Briess Brewers Brown Rice Flakes represent a modern and inclusive approach to brewing. Elevate your beer recipes with these innovative flakes from Briess Malting Company, and let your creativity flow as you craft beers that cater to a diverse audience, embracing both tradition and innovation.

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Grain Specifications

Grain: Rice

Intended Use: Flakes & Adjuncts

Flavor/Aroma: Mild nutty

Maximum Volume: Up to 40%

Lovibond: 1

Country of Origin: United States

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