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Admiral Maltings

California Spirit - High DP Distiller's Malt

California Spirit - High DP Distiller's Malt

Buy grain by the ounce, order as much or little as needed. By default, we will combine grains into a single bag. If you'd like us to keep your grains separated, please leave a comment in the Shopping Cart's notes section. We've included a pounds to ounce conversion chart below.

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Introducing California Spirit, a specialty malt crafted by Admiral Maltings for distillers seeking exceptional enzymatic power and robust flavor profiles. Designed specifically for grain distilling, California Spirit is distinguished by its high diastatic power and strong alpha amylase content, making it ideal for working alongside unmalted grains. The malt is kilned at low temperatures to preserve its fresh, green malt flavor, reminiscent of freshly mown grass, adding a unique character to any spirit.

Produced from sustainably grown California grains, this malt is a testament to Admiral Maltings' commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. With its high protein content and excellent enzymatic capabilities, California Spirit enhances the fermentation process, ensuring efficient sugar conversion and profound flavors. Perfect for crafting distinctive, high-quality spirits, California Spirit embodies the spirit of innovation and the rich agricultural heritage of California.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Base Malt

Flavor/Aroma: Green malt, freshly mown grass

Maximum Volume: 100%

Lovibond: 1.5 - 2.0

Country of Origin: United States

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