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German II Ale Yeast | White Labs WLP003 Yeast | Vault Strain

German II Ale Yeast | White Labs WLP003 Yeast | Vault Strain

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Dive into the heart of Germany's brewing heritage with White Labs WLP003 German Ale II Yeast, a distinguished member of the White Labs Vault Collection. This yeast is your gateway to producing authentic German ales with a clean, balanced profile.

Key Features:

  • Vault Collection: As part of White Labs' exclusive Vault Collection, WLP003 is a special release yeast strain, offering unique fermentation characteristics and flavors.
  • Style Adaptability: Perfect for brewing traditional German styles like Kölsch, Alt, and German Pale Ale, this yeast emphasizes the malt and hop nuances.
  • Clean Fermentation: With its ability to produce low levels of fruity esters and minimal diacetyl, WLP003 ensures a crisp, clean-tasting beer.
  • Optimal Fermentation Temperatures: Ferment at 65-69°F (18-20°C) to maintain the yeast's clean profile while allowing the development of characteristic subtle esters.

Guidance for Use:

  1. Pitching: Use an appropriate cell count to achieve a healthy fermentation—typically 0.75 to 1.25 million cells per mL per degree Plato for ales.
  2. Aeration: Properly aerate the wort pre-pitch to supply the yeast with the necessary oxygen for vigorous fermentation.
  3. Temperature Management: Keep the fermentation temperature steady within the recommended range to ensure a consistent and clean fermentation profile.
  4. Conditioning: Cold conditioning post-fermentation can enhance beer clarity and flavor stability.

WLP003 from White Labs Vault Collection is not just a yeast; it's a passage to authentically replicate the revered taste of German ales. Embrace the precision and quality of German brewing with every batch you craft using this exceptional yeast strain.

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: WLP003

Yeast Strain: Ale

Attenuation: 73% - 80%

Flocculation: Medium

Temperature Range: 65­° - 70°

Alcohol Tolerance: 5% - 10%

STA1: Negative

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