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White Labs

London Fog Ale (Dry Yeast) by White Labs

London Fog Ale (Dry Yeast) by White Labs

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In the ever-evolving landscape of craft brewing, the choice of yeast is often the secret ingredient that transforms a good beer into an exceptional one. White Labs, a name synonymous with quality yeast strains, introduces the London Fog Ale yeast, a game-changer for those seeking to craft hazy and flavorful brews. Now available in a dry form, this yeast promises to bring the mystique of London's fog to your fermenter with convenience and reliability.

Flavor Profile:
London Fog Ale yeast is renowned for its ability to produce beers with a distinct haziness and a velvety mouthfeel. This yeast imparts a subtle fruitiness with hints of pear and apple, adding layers of complexity to your brew. Its low flocculation characteristics contribute to the desired haziness, creating a visually appealing beer that is as delightful to look at as it is to taste. The dry version of London Fog Ale yeast maintains the strain's unique flavor profile, offering a balance between esters and phenols that enhance the overall sensory experience. Craft brewers aiming for juicy and fruity aromas in their New England IPAs, hazy pale ales, or even experimental fruit-infused brews will find this yeast to be a valuable ally in achieving their desired flavor profile.

Fermentation Temperatures:
Just like its liquid counterpart, the dry London Fog Ale yeast shines in the slightly cooler temperature range commonly associated with ales. Ideal fermentation temperatures fall between 64-70°F (18-21°C), allowing the yeast to express its fruity esters while maintaining the haziness characteristic of the style. Craft brewers experimenting with the hazy and juicy beer trend will appreciate the yeast's ability to produce vibrant flavors at these temperatures. The forgiving nature of London Fog Ale yeast ensures a reliable fermentation process, even for those who may not have precise temperature control equipment.

Beer Styles:
White Labs' London Fog Ale yeast is tailored for the modern craft brewer seeking to create hazy masterpieces. Primarily associated with New England IPAs, this yeast also excels in hazy pale ales, wheat beers, and other styles where a clouded appearance and expressive fruitiness are desired. The yeast's versatility makes it a go-to choice for brewers who enjoy experimenting with hop varieties, as it allows the unique characteristics of hops to shine through without overpowering the beer with yeast-derived flavors. From tropical fruit notes to citrusy undertones, the London Fog Ale yeast enhances the overall hop experience.

The White Labs London Fog Ale yeast, now available in a dry format, brings the magic of haziness and complex fruitiness to the fingertips of craft brewers. With its distinctive flavor profile, adaptable fermentation temperatures, and suitability for a range of hazy beer styles, this yeast offers a valuable tool for those looking to push the boundaries of their brewing creativity. Elevate your craft with London Fog Ale yeast, and let the fog roll in with every sip.

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