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Omega Yeast

Belgian Ale A Yeast by Omega Yeast OYL-024

Belgian Ale A Yeast by Omega Yeast OYL-024

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Omega Yeast OYL-024 Belgian Ale A Yeast is a dynamic and expressive yeast strain designed to elevate your Belgian ale creations. Originating from the innovative labs of Omega Yeast, this strain is crafted for those who seek the intricate flavors of Belgian ales. Perfect for brewing a variety of Belgian styles, including Dubbels, Tripels, and strong ales, OYL-024 imparts a symphony of fruity esters and spicy phenols. With its versatile and robust fermentation profile, this yeast allows the malt and yeast character to intertwine, resulting in a beer with depth and complexity. Ideal for both novice and experienced brewers, Omega Yeast's Belgian Ale A Yeast simplifies the brewing process while ensuring a true representation of Belgian ale excellence. To accentuate the desired yeast character, fermenting at warmer temperatures is recommended. Embrace the art of Belgian brewing with Omega Yeast OYL-024 Belgian Ale A Yeast, where tradition meets innovation in crafting exceptional Belgian ales. Proost!

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: OYL-024

Yeast Strain: Belgian

Attenuation: 72% - 85%

Flocculation: High

Temperature Range: 65° - 78°

Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

STA1: Negative

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