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Tradition Hops Pellets (GR) - 1 oz.

Tradition Hops Pellets (GR) - 1 oz.

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Experience the essence of German brewing tradition with our premium Tradition Hops Pellets. Specially crafted for brewers who appreciate the subtle elegance of classic beer styles, these pellets are perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to your lagers, pilsners, and ales.

Aroma & Flavors:
Immerse yourself in the delicate harmony of floral, herbal, and grassy notes that Tradition hops are renowned for. With a gentle hint of spice, these hops impart a refined and balanced aroma to your brew, evoking the timeless craftsmanship of German brewing.

Brewing Applications:
Tradition hops are ideal for aroma and bittering additions in your brewing process. Their mild bitterness makes them a versatile choice for a wide range of beer styles, particularly those seeking a subtle hop character that complements rather than overpowers.

Our Tradition Hops Pellets are packaged  in vacuum sealed bags, ensuring freshness and quality from our store to your brewery.

Elevate your brewing experience with the understated elegance of Tradition Hops Pellets, and bring a touch of German heritage to your beer.




Alpha Acidity: 5.5
Intended Purpose: Aroma
Flavor/Aroma: Earthy, Grass, Tropical Fruit, and Nectar

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