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Traditional Hops Pellets (GR) - 1 oz.

Traditional Hops Pellets (GR) - 1 oz.

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Step into the comforting embrace of brewing tradition with Traditional Hops – the steadfast hops that bring timeless aroma and flavor to your beer. Grown with the legacy of centuries past, these hops offer a classic profile that nods to the roots of brewing craftsmanship. Whether you're crafting a traditional ale or adding a touch of heritage to your innovative brew, Traditional Hops deliver a taste of brewing history to every pint.

Aroma and Flavor Characteristics:
  • Earthy Warmth: Traditional Hops open the door to an earthy warmth that harks back to the rustic charm of traditional brewing. Picture a walk through an ancient hop field, with notes of woodsy pine and a touch of herbal essence. It's a comforting aroma that feels like a nod to the brewing traditions of yesteryear.
  • Subtle Floral Undertones: Amidst the earthy notes, Traditional Hops introduce subtle floral undertones that add a layer of complexity. Think of a gentle breeze carrying hints of wildflowers, creating an aroma profile that is both inviting and nuanced.
  • Balanced Alpha Acids: With a balance that echoes the harmony of classic brewing recipes, Traditional Hops provide a moderate alpha acid content. The bitterness is measured, ensuring that it complements the malt backbone without overpowering the palate – a testament to the timeless balance found in traditional beer styles.
  • Malty Companionship: Traditional Hops form a malty companionship that makes them ideal for classic ales and lagers. The flavor experience is a harmonious blend of earthy hops and a rich malt backbone, creating a satisfying and well-rounded brew.
  • * Versatile Heritage Profile: Whether you're brewing a traditional English bitter, a classic German lager, or experimenting with your own recipe, Traditional Hops adapt to your creative vision. They are the versatile heritage profile that bridges the past and present of brewing.
  • Brewing Legacy: Brew with Traditional Hops, and you're inheriting a brewing legacy that spans generations. These hops carry the wisdom of brewers who came before, offering a taste of the craftsmanship and dedication that have defined traditional brewing.
  • Nostalgic Excellence: Elevate your beer to a realm of nostalgic excellence with Traditional Hops – where earthy warmth, subtle florals, and balanced bitterness converge in a timeless celebration of brewing heritage. Order your Traditional Hops today and bring the classic spirit of brewing to your next batch!

Hops details

Alpha Acidity: 5.5
Intended Purpose: Aroma
Flavor/Aroma: Earthy, Grass, Tropical Fruit, and Nectar

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