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Nectaron Hops Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

Nectaron Hops Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

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Nectaron hops are a revelation for brewers, offering a distinct essence of New Zealand in every brew. With their captivating aroma and flavorful character, Nectaron hops have become a sought-after choice for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts. Let's embark on a journey into the enchanting aroma and flavor profile of Nectaron hops and discover why they are a treasure from the land of the Kiwis.

Aroma Profile:
Nectaron hops are celebrated for their alluring aroma, defined by a delightful blend of tropical fruit, stone fruit, and citrus notes. When you encounter the aroma of Nectaron hops, you're instantly transported to New Zealand's orchards, with hints of luscious peaches, apricots, and a burst of passionfruit. This aromatic bouquet is an invitation to create beers that are as tantalizing as they are refreshing.

Flavor Profile:
The allure of Nectaron hops doesn't stop at the aroma – their flavor profile is equally captivating. When used in brewing, Nectaron hops infuse the beer with a distinctive taste of tropical and stone fruits, alongside citrusy and earthy undertones. The result is a flavor that is both exotic and well-balanced, delivering a sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Versatile Application:
Nectaron hops are wonderfully versatile and can be employed in a wide array of beer styles. They particularly shine in pale ales, IPAs, and any brew where you desire a burst of fruitiness and complexity. Whether you're creating a hazy masterpiece or a hoppy delight, Nectaron hops are the secret ingredient to add a touch of the Kiwi spirit to your brews.

Quality Assurance:
Nectaron hops are cultivated with great care in New Zealand, taking advantage of the pristine climate and fertile soil conditions unique to the region. They are harvested and processed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring a consistent and superior product. When you select Nectaron hops, you're choosing an ingredient that reflects the dedication and expertise of New Zealand hop growers.

Craft Your Own Kiwi Experience:
Nectaron hops are like a ticket to New Zealand in a brew, offering a tantalizing journey into the heart of Kiwi flavors. Their enchanting aroma and flavor profiles are the key to crafting beers that transport the drinker to the exotic landscapes of New Zealand. Whether you're an adventurous homebrewer or a seasoned craft beer enthusiast, Nectaron hops will let you explore the essence of New Zealand in every sip.

Savor the Kiwi Essence:
Embrace the allure of Nectaron hops and discover the richness of their tropical and stone fruit notes in your brews. Elevate your beer with the captivating aroma and flavor of Nectaron hops and create beverages that are as memorable as they are gratifying. Don't miss the chance to make your brews shine with the magic of Nectaron hops – they're your passport to a world of flavors that celebrate the essence of New Zealand with every sip.


Alpha Acidity: 9.8
Intended Purpose: Aroma
Flavor/Aroma: Passion Fruit, Peach, Grapefruit, and Pineapple

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