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Crisp Best Ale Malt - 55 lb. Sack

Crisp Best Ale Malt - 55 lb. Sack

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Crisp Best Ale Malt, a product of Crisp Malting Group, stands as a hallmark of brewing excellence, delivering a versatile and high-quality base malt for brewers. Crafted with precision and expertise, this malt serves as the foundation for a wide array of beer styles, imparting a clean and balanced character to the brew.

Produced from the finest English 2-row spring barley, Crisp Best Ale Malt undergoes a meticulous malting process to achieve optimal quality. With a Lovibond color typically ranging from 2.5L to 3.5L, this malt provides a pale and golden hue to the beer, creating an appealing visual canvas for brewers.

The flavor profile of Crisp Best Ale Malt is characterized by a mild and malty sweetness with a clean finish. This malt serves as a versatile base for brewing various styles, allowing other ingredients such as hops and specialty malts to shine. Its moderate enzymatic activity contributes to a well-attenuated and efficient fermentation process.

As a base malt, Crisp Best Ale Malt is a reliable choice for a broad spectrum of beer styles, including ales, bitters, pale ales, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for both traditional and innovative brewing approaches, providing a solid foundation for brewers to express their creativity.

In the brewing process, Crisp Best Ale Malt plays a crucial role in achieving the desired malt character and overall balance in the beer. It serves as the canvas upon which brewers can craft a myriad of flavors and styles, making it an indispensable ingredient in the brewing journey.

Elevate your brewing endeavors with Crisp Best Ale Malt, and let the expertise of Crisp Malting Group shine through in every sip of your meticulously crafted beer. Add a touch of quality and reliability to your brews with this exceptional base malt.

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Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Base Malt

Flavor/Aroma: Sweet Malt Bread, Afternotes of Light Caramel

Maximum Volume: Up to 100%

Lovibond: 2.5 - 3.1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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