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Briess Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) - 50 lb. Sack

Briess Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) - 50 lb. Sack

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Briess Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) stands as a tribute to brewing tradition and excellence. Crafted by Briess Malting Company, a distinguished name in the world of malting since 1876, this malt carries a legacy of quality and expertise.

Derived from carefully selected American 2-row barley, Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) is designed to impart a rich and malty flavor profile to your brew. With a color intensity of 10 Lovibond, it adds a warm and inviting amber hue, enhancing both the visual and taste aspects of the beer.

The flavor profile of Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) is characterized by a pronounced malty sweetness, accompanied by notes of bread crust and a subtle hint of caramel. These complex flavors contribute depth and character to a variety of beer styles.

This malt is not just about flavor; it also plays a crucial role in the brewing process. With a moderate enzymatic activity, Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) aids in the conversion of starches to fermentable sugars during mashing, ensuring a well-attenuated and satisfying fermentation.

As for beer styles, this malt finds its home in a range of traditional and modern brews. From classic Munich-style lagers to ales and even certain Belgian styles, Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) provides brewers with a versatile tool to craft beers with a balanced malt character.

In essence, Briess Bonlander® Munich Malt (10L) encapsulates the essence of brewing craftsmanship. Elevate your brewing experience with this malt, and let the rich history and quality of Briess Malting Company shine through in every sip of your meticulously crafted beer.

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Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Caramel & Crystal Malts

Flavor/Aroma: Clean, slightly sweet, rich malt

Maximum Volume: Up to 50%

Lovibond: 10

Country of Origin: United States

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