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Beersel Brettanomyces Blend | White Labs WLP4603 Yeast

Beersel Brettanomyces Blend | White Labs WLP4603 Yeast

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Delve into the rich, complex world of wild fermentation with White Labs Beersel Brettanomyces Blend, WLP4603. Crafted to mirror the unique qualities of Belgian Lambic-style beers, this yeast blend is an indispensable tool for creating beers with deep, intricate flavors. It combines the distinct characteristics of Brettanomyces yeast, imparting layers of earthy, fruity, and funky notes. This blend excels in secondary fermentation, adding a traditional barnyard funk and slight tartness that evolve over time, especially in oak-aged conditions.

Ideal for adventurous brewers aiming to replicate the storied Lambic, Gueuze, or other spontaneously fermented ales, WLP4603 ensures a genuine, authentic experience. The Beersel Brettanomyces Blend not only contributes a complex sourness but also enhances the overall aroma, making each sip a journey through a landscape of sensory delights. As it matures, the character of the beer develops, promising a unique outcome with each batch. This yeast is perfect for those who appreciate the art of aging and the subtle nuances that time and tradition can bring to their brews.

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