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Juicy Hazy IPA - All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

Juicy Hazy IPA - All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Prepare your taste buds for a tropical bomb! This is very juicy and light colored hazy IPA bursts with tropical fruit flavors, paired with a full body from the oats and wheat. Clocking in at a respectable 7.05 ABV (at 70% brewhouse efficiency). This kit will make a full 5 gallon batch which you will come back for!

This kit contains the following items.

• 9.5 lbs. Rahr Standard 2-Row Malt
• 3.375 lbs. Rahr White Wheat Malt
• 2.125 lbs. Weyermann Carafoam
• 0.4 lb. Weyermann Acidulated

• 6 oz. of Citra Pellet Hops
• 3 oz. of Mosaic Pellet Hops
• 2 oz. of Hallertau Blanc Pellet Hops

Imperial Yeast - Juice

• 1 tsp of Fermax Yeast Nutrient
• 150 g of Brewmasters Priming Sugar
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