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Admiral Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

Admiral Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

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Admiral Pellet Hops, revered for their distinct characteristics, originate from the United Kingdom and stand as a testament to British hop excellence. Renowned for their versatility, these hops offer a well-rounded flavor and aroma profile that has made them a favorite among brewers worldwide. Known primarily for their dual-purpose capabilities, Admiral Hops strike a harmonious balance between bittering and aroma contributions, making them an invaluable addition to a brewer's arsenal. The bittering aspect is characterized by a moderate to high alpha acid content, allowing for effective utilization in various beer styles. The aroma profile introduces delightful notes of orange, grapefruit, and resinous pine, imparting a layer of complexity to the brew. Admirals are particularly well-suited for English ales, pale ales, and bitters, adding a touch of traditional British character. Elevate your brew with the robust and versatile Admiral Pellet Hops, where a seamless marriage of bitterness and aroma awaits to enhance your beer crafting experience.


Alpha Acidity: 10.1
Intended Purpose: Bittering
Flavor/Aroma: Bitterness, Citrus, and Herbal

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