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Zurich Lager | White Labs WLP885 Yeast | Vault Strain

Zurich Lager | White Labs WLP885 Yeast | Vault Strain

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Delve into the world of Swiss brewing with White Labs Zurich Lager Yeast, WLP885. This Vault Strain is highly regarded for its exceptional ability to craft authentic Swiss-style lagers that are clean and crisp. Ideal for traditional lager brewing, WLP885 offers excellent attenuation and thrives in cold fermentation environments, ensuring a smooth and refined finish. The yeast subtly enhances the malty flavors and floral hop notes, perfectly capturing the essence of European lager craftsmanship.

Brewers aiming for precision and authenticity in their lager production will find WLP885 to be an invaluable ally. This strain not only produces a beverage with excellent clarity and a balanced profile but also supports brewing at lower temperatures, which is essential for developing the classic lager characteristics. Whether you're a professional looking to expand your brewery's offerings or a homebrew enthusiast eager to experiment with traditional lager styles, White Labs Zurich Lager Yeast provides the reliability and quality necessary to achieve standout results in your brewing endeavors.

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