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American Ale™ Yeast by Wyeast 1056

American Ale™ Yeast by Wyeast 1056

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Wyeast 1056 American Ale™ yeast stands as an icon in the homebrewing realm, rooted in the history of American craft beer. With its origins in the United States, this yeast strain has become synonymous with brewing versatility. Crafted for clean and neutral fermentation, Wyeast 1056 provides a canvas for the expressive interplay of malt and hop flavors. Its flexibility extends to a myriad of beer styles, finding a comfortable home in pale ales, IPAs, and a spectrum of American ales. Infusing a subtle fruitiness into the mix, this yeast contributes to a harmonious and well-rounded beer profile. Perfect for those who seek a straightforward fermentation experience, Wyeast 1056 is a trusted choice for both novice and seasoned brewers alike. Keeping with tradition, this yeast strain is renowned for its reliability and consistency, making it a go-to option for crafting classic American ales. Embrace the essence of brewing with Wyeast 1056, where the legacy of American craft beer unfolds in every bottle.

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: 1056

Yeast Strain: Ale

Attenuation: 73% - 77%

Flocculation: Low - Medium

Temperature Range: 60° - 72°

Alcohol Tolerance: 11%


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