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Omega Yeast

Bayern Lager Yeast by Omega Yeast OYL-114

Bayern Lager Yeast by Omega Yeast OYL-114

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Omega Yeast OYL-114 Bayern Lager Yeast brings the precision and finesse of traditional German lagers to your brewing repertoire. Expertly crafted by Omega Yeast, this strain is a nod to the centuries-old brewing heritage of Bayern. Tailored for the creation of clean and crisp lagers, OYL-114 is ideal for styles such as Helles, Märzen, and Bock. Originating from the innovative labs of Omega Yeast, this strain ensures a reliable and consistent fermentation process, allowing the malt profile to shine. The result is a well-balanced and authentic lager that pays homage to the brewing excellence of Bavaria. With a clean and neutral profile, Bayern Lager Yeast lets the malt sweetness take center stage, while a subtle floral and herbal hop character adds a layer of complexity. Brewers seeking to create lagers that embody the essence of Bayern will appreciate the precision and reliability that OYL-114 brings to their brews. To achieve the optimal lagering experience, fermenting at cooler temperatures and employing a patient lagering period is recommended. Embrace the heritage of Bavarian lagers with Omega Yeast OYL-114 Bayern Lager Yeast, where each sip transports you to the beer culture of Bayern. Prost!

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: OYL-114

Yeast Strain: Lager

Attenuation: 72% - 76%

Flocculation: Medium

Temperature Range: 51° - 62°

Alcohol Tolerance: 9%

STA1: Negative

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