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White Labs Ultra-Ferm - 10 mL

White Labs Ultra-Ferm - 10 mL

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Enhance your brewing efficiency with White Labs Ultra Ferm, available in a convenient 10 mL vial. Ultra Ferm is a liquid amyloglucosidase enzyme that breaks down complex sugars into fermentable ones, allowing for a higher degree of fermentation. This makes it an excellent choice for creating low-carb, light beers, or boosting the alcohol content while reducing residual sweetness. Its concentrated formula is designed for easy dosing and seamless integration into your brewing process, ensuring consistent results every time. Whether you’re aiming to perfect your light beer recipe or innovate with new brew styles, White Labs Ultra Ferm in the 10 mL vial is your go-to solution for enhanced fermentability and brewing versatility.

Ultra Ferm can be used at a dosage of 10ml for 20L/5 gallons.

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