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Stainless Steel Brewing Spoon - 24" Long with Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel Brewing Spoon - 24" Long with Bottle Opener

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Discover the ultimate brewing tool with our 24” stainless steel spoon, designed to enhance your brewing experience with both functionality and convenience. Crafted by the Vintage Shop, this heavy-duty spoon won’t let you down, whether you’re stirring a small batch or a large kettle of wort. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to the rigors of brewing.

But that's not all – this spoon comes with a clever twist: a handy bottle opener integrated into the handle. Now, you can effortlessly open bottles of your homebrew or enjoy a commercial beer while you brew, making your brewing sessions more enjoyable and efficient. This dual-purpose tool is perfect for homebrewers who appreciate practicality and quality in their brewing equipment.

Make your brewing process smoother and more enjoyable with this 24” stainless steel spoon from the Vintage Shop. It’s not just a spoon; it’s a brewer’s companion, combining the essential functions of stirring and opening brews in one sturdy, reliable tool.

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