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Simpsons Aromatic Malt

Simpsons Aromatic Malt

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Simpsons Aromatic Malt, a distinguished offering from Simpsons Malt Ltd., is a specialty malt that elevates the malt profile of your brews with rich maltiness and intense aromas. Crafted with precision and expertise, this malt is designed to provide a deep golden hue, a complex malt character, and heightened aromatic qualities to a variety of beer styles.

Produced through a specialized malting process, Simpsons Aromatic Malt offers a Lovibond color typically ranging from 19L to 27L, imparting a deep golden to light amber color to the beer. This visually appealing malt is well-suited for styles such as Belgian ales, specialty lagers, and other brews where enhanced malt character is desired.

The flavor profile of Simpsons Aromatic Malt is characterized by a rich maltiness with notes of biscuit, toffee, and a subtle sweetness. Additionally, it contributes intense aromas that enhance the overall olfactory experience of the beer. This makes it an excellent choice for styles that benefit from a pronounced malt character, such as Belgian dubbels, tripels, and other specialty ales.

As a specialty malt, Simpsons Aromatic Malt allows brewers to experiment with different quantities to achieve varying levels of maltiness and aromatic intensity in their beers. Whether used in smaller amounts for subtle undertones or as a significant contributor to the malt bill, this malt provides creative possibilities and versatility.

In the brewing process, the rich maltiness and intense aromas from Simpsons Aromatic Malt are transferred to the beer, creating a satisfying and flavorful profile. Brewers can use this malt to enhance the malt character and aromatic qualities of their brews, contributing to a well-balanced and nuanced final product.

Elevate your brewing endeavors with Simpsons Aromatic Malt, and let the expertise of Simpsons Malt Ltd. shine through in every sip of your meticulously crafted beer. Add a deep golden color, a complex maltiness, and intense aromas to your brews with this exceptional specialty malt.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Kilned Grain

Flavor/Aroma: Malty, Honey, Raisins, Complex Sweetness with Sour After-Notes

Maximum Volume: Up to 50%

Lovibond: 19.3 - 26.3

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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