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Scottish Cider Yeast | White Labs WLP773 Yeast | Vault Strain

Scottish Cider Yeast | White Labs WLP773 Yeast | Vault Strain

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Discover the secret to authentic Scottish cider with White Labs’ Scottish Cider Yeast WLP773, a Vault Strain coveted by craft cider makers. This specialized yeast strain is expertly designed to produce ciders with a distinctly Scottish character, offering a unique blend of crisp apple flavors and a rich, earthy aroma. WLP773 excels in fermenting to dryness, ensuring a clean, sharp finish that highlights the natural sweetness and complexity of the apples. Ideal for those seeking to explore traditional cider styles or innovate within their craft, this Vault Strain yeast is a limited edition treasure, unlocking a world of robust and flavorful cider experiences.

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: WLP773

Yeast Strain: Cider

Attenuation: 74% - 80%

Flocculation: Medium - High

Temperature Range: 67°F - 72°F

Alcohol Tolerance: 5% - 10%

STA1: Negative

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