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Electronic Refractometer for Specific Gravity | The Sabre Refractometer

Electronic Refractometer for Specific Gravity | The Sabre Refractometer

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Maximize your brewing efficiency with the Sabre Refractometer, the ultimate tool for fast, accurate, and reliable readings during all-grain brewing. This triple-scaled refractometer is perfect for brewing, winemaking, and distilling, ensuring you achieve the best possible results.

Now featuring a water-resistant design and the convenience of rechargeability, the Sabre Refractometer is more durable and user-friendly than ever. Experience the precision of this high-quality instrument, which is incredibly easy to use and calibrate. Simply use a few drops of distilled water and a flathead screwdriver for quick calibration.

Equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), the Sabre Refractometer ensures accurate readings regardless of temperature fluctuations. This essential brewing tool comes with a handy carrying case and a red USB magnetic charging cable for easy charging (charging block not included).

Enhance your brewing experience and speed up your brew day with the reliable and efficient Sabre Refractometer.

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