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High Diastatic Power Distillers Malt by Rahr

High Diastatic Power Distillers Malt by Rahr

Buy grain by the ounce, order as much or little as needed. By default, we will combine grains into a single bag. If you'd like us to keep your grains separated, please leave a comment in the Shopping Cart's notes section. We've included a pounds to ounce conversion chart below.

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Craft exceptional spirits with our Rahr High Diastatic Power Distillers Malt. Specially formulated for distilling, this premium malt offers a robust enzymatic profile, ideal for high conversion of starches into fermentable sugars. Its high diastatic power ensures efficient and complete saccharification, crucial for producing clear and potent distillates.

This malt not only aids in achieving optimal fermentation yields but also enhances the flavor profile of your spirits, imparting a subtle, malty sweetness that complements a wide range of distilled beverages, from classic whiskeys to artisanal vodkas.

We offer Rahr High Diastatic Power Distillers Malt by the ounce, allowing you to order exactly what you need for your distilling projects. For larger scale needs, it is also available in 55 lbs bags. Whether you are refining an existing recipe or crafting something new, this malt is a foundational component for any distiller seeking consistent, high-quality results.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Base Malts


Maximum Volume: 100%


Country of Origin: United States

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