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Nelson Sauvin™ Hops Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

Nelson Sauvin™ Hops Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

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Nelson Sauvin™ hops, originating from New Zealand, are renowned for their distinctive and captivating characteristics. Named after the Sauvignon Blanc grape, these hops deliver a unique flavor profile reminiscent of white wine. Expect bold aromas of gooseberry, passion fruit, and a subtle herbal and spicy complexity.

Brewers often incorporate Nelson Sauvin™ hops into a variety of beer styles, especially pale ales, IPAs, and saisons. Their aromatic intensity and wine-like qualities contribute a layer of sophistication to the brew.

As a dual-purpose hop, Nelson Sauvin™ offers both bitterness and complex aromas, making it a versatile choice for different stages of the brewing process. If you're aiming to craft a beer with a touch of New Zealand's terroir, Nelson Sauvin™ hops provide a flavorful and aromatic journey for your palate.


Alpha Acidity: 15.1
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: White Wine, Gooseberries, Fruity, and Bitterness

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