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Lallemand LalBrew® Windsor Yeast | British Style Ale Yeast | 11 g

Lallemand LalBrew® Windsor Yeast | British Style Ale Yeast | 11 g

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Lallemand LalBrew® Windsor Yeast, offered in 11g sachets, is a quintessential British-style ale yeast, celebrated for its ability to produce ales with a full-bodied, fruity English profile. This yeast is particularly suited for brewing a wide range of English ales, including bitters, porters, stouts, and other traditional styles that benefit from a rich, ester-forward character.

Windsor Yeast is known for its moderate attenuation, which results in beers with a slightly sweeter finish, helping to enhance the malt complexities and fruity esters typical of English ales. It tends to leave behind some residual sugars, contributing to the round and smooth mouthfeel desired in these styles.

The optimal fermentation temperature for LalBrew® Windsor Yeast ranges from 15°C to 22°C (59°F to 72°F), allowing it to produce the desired flavor profile of soft, balanced esters with hints of apple, pear, and other light fruits. Its low to moderate flocculation properties ensure that the beer retains some haziness, which is often characteristic of traditional English ales.

While Windsor Yeast is not known for its alcohol tolerance as high as some other strains, it is perfectly suited for standard-strength ales and provides a dependable fermentation performance across a variety of brewing conditions. This yeast strain’s preference for simple sugars makes it an excellent choice for brewers aiming to achieve the authentic taste and aroma found in classic British ales.

In conclusion, Lallemand LalBrew® Windsor Yeast is the go-to yeast for brewers looking to produce traditional British-style ales with rich, fruity esters and a satisfyingly smooth finish, capturing the essence of England’s storied brewing heritage.

Yeast details


Yeast Strain: Ale

Attenuation: 65% - 72%

Flocculation: Low

Temperature Range: 59° - 77°

Alcohol Tolerance: 12%


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