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Lallemand LalBrew® CBC-1 Yeast | Cask and Bottle Conditioning Yeast 11g

Lallemand LalBrew® CBC-1 Yeast | Cask and Bottle Conditioning Yeast 11g

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Lallemand LalBrew® CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning Yeast, available in 11g packets, is a specialty yeast strain specifically selected for its ability to ferment sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide in cask and bottle-conditioned beers. This yeast is ideal for brewers looking to achieve the perfect carbonation and maturation of their beers, enhancing the overall flavor and stability.

CBC-1 is known for its high resistance to alcohol and pressure; it can be used for conditioning beers up to 12-14% ABV, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of beer styles, including strong ales, Belgian Tripels, and other high-alcohol brews. It does not affect the beer's original flavor or aroma, ensuring the true character of the beer is maintained during conditioning.

The optimal fermentation temperature for CBC-1 ranges from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), allowing for flexibility in the conditioning process. This yeast has a neutral flavor profile and settles quickly to the bottom of the bottle or cask, creating a clear final product without the need for filtration.

LalBrew® CBC-1 is highly flocculent and has been specifically designed for refermentation purposes. It metabolizes very few maltotriose, maltose, and no maltotriose, meaning it will not consume the sugars meant for maturation and only those added for carbonation. This characteristic ensures that the carbonation level can be precisely controlled, allowing brewers to achieve the desired level of effervescence in their beer.

Using Lallemand LalBrew® CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning Yeast is an excellent way to naturally carbonate your beer, providing a superior taste and quality in the final product. It's the perfect choice for brewers aiming for that exceptional finishing touch in their bottled or cask ales.

Yeast details


Yeast Strain: Bottle Conditioning

Attenuation: N/A

Flocculation: High

Temperature Range: 68° - 86°

Alcohol Tolerance: 12 - 14%


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