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Zappa™ Hop Pellets - 1 oz.

Zappa™ Hop Pellets - 1 oz.

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Step into the world of brewing innovation with Zappa Hops – the trailb.lazing variety that redefines the hop experience. Named after the legendary musician Frank Zappa, these hops bring a symphony of unique aromas and flavors to your brew, creating a masterpiece that resonates with complexity and originality. Get ready to amplify your beer with a touch of Zappa magic!

Key Features:
  • Fruity and Spicy Fusion: Zappa Hops strike a chord with a harmonious blend of fruity and spicy notes. Expect an avant-garde fusion of bright citrus, tropical fruit, and a hint of peppery spice that adds depth and intrigue to your beer. It's a flavor journey that's as bold as the artist it's named after.
  • Complex Aroma Profile: Elevate your brew with Zappa's complex aroma profile that dances between bright citrus zest, passion fruit, and a subtle herbal character. The layers of fragrance invite exploration, making each whiff a delightful discovery of new nuances.
  • Dual-Purpose Delight: Zappa Hops are not confined to a single role – they shine as both a bittering and aroma hop. Whether you're crafting an IPA, pale ale, or experimenting with other styles, Zappa adds versatility to your brewing palette, ensuring your beer stands out from the crowd.
  • Named After a Legend: Pay homage to the music icon Frank Zappa with every hop addition. Zappa Hops embody the spirit of the avant-garde, encouraging brewers to push boundaries and create beers that are as unique as the man himself.
  • High Alpha Acids: With a respectable alpha acid content, Zappa Hops bring a touch of bitterness to the stage, balancing the fruity and spicy notes. Achieve the perfect bitterness in your brew while letting Zappa's aroma steal the show.
  • Distinctive Brewing Identity: Brew with Zappa Hops, and your beer becomes a statement of individuality. Whether you're crafting a Zappa-inspired brew or experimenting with new recipes, these hops add a distinctive identity that sets your beer apart.
  • Inspire Your Inner Brewer: Zappa Hops are an invitation to let your creativity flow. Experiment with various brewing styles, hop combinations, and flavor profiles to create a symphony of flavors that resonates with your unique brewing vision.

Unleash the avant-garde spirit of brewing with Zappa Hops – where innovation meets aroma, and individuality meets bitterness. Elevate your beer to a level that's as legendary as its namesake. Order your Zappa Hops today and compose a brew that's truly one of a kind!


Alpha Acidity: 5.5
Intended Purpose: Aroma
Flavor/Aroma: Passion Fruit, Mint, and Fruity Pebbles

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