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Magnum Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Magnum Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Embark on a journey of brewing precision with Magnum Hops, a noble German hop variety celebrated for its exceptional bittering qualities and versatility in crafting a wide array of beer styles. Revered for its pure and clean bitterness, Magnum stands as a cornerstone of brewing, ensuring that your creations are characterized by balance and excellence. Immerse yourself in the subtle aroma, savor the mild flavors, and discover the best beer styles to showcase the purity of Magnum Hops.

Aroma Profile:
• Subtle Floral Notes: Magnum captivates with subtle floral notes that gracefully emerge during the brewing process. Picture the delicate scent of noble German hops, offering a hint of flowers and herbal nuances, creating an olfactory experience reminiscent of traditional European brews.

Flavor Profile:
• Clean and Mild Bitterness: Experience a clean and mild bitterness on the palate. Magnum Hops infuse your brew with a pure bitterness that is both smooth and well-balanced, ensuring that it enhances the overall flavor profile without overpowering other hop or malt characteristics.

Best Beer Styles:
• Bittering Agent for Various Styles: Magnum is renowned as a premier bittering hop, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of beer styles. From lagers to ales, stouts to pilsners, Magnum's clean bitterness provides a solid foundation, allowing other hop varieties or malt flavors to shine.
• German Lagers: Magnum is a staple in German lagers, where its clean bitterness contributes to the crisp and refreshing qualities of the style. Brew a traditional German Pilsner or Bock with Magnum to showcase the purity of noble hop bitterness.
• American Ales: Elevate the bitterness in American Pale Ales (APAs) and India Pale Ales (IPAs) with Magnum. Its clean profile allows brewers to precisely control bitterness levels, creating a balanced and hop-forward experience.
• Belgian Ales: Utilize Magnum in Belgian ales where a subdued bitterness is desired. Whether crafting a Belgian Blonde, Dubbel, or Tripel, Magnum adds bitterness without overshadowing the complex yeast and malt characteristics of Belgian styles.

Brewing with Magnum Hops:
• Bittering Additions: Magnum is primarily used for bittering additions, typically added early in the boil. Its high alpha acid content ensures efficient extraction of bitterness, making it a reliable choice for achieving desired levels of bitterness in your brew.
• Clean and Neutral Profile: Magnum's clean and neutral flavor profile makes it an excellent canvas for brewers looking to control bitterness without introducing distinctive hop aromas or flavors. It provides a blank slate, allowing other hop varieties to take the spotlight.
• Dual-Purpose Possibilities: While Magnum is primarily a bittering hop, it can also be used for late-stage additions in dual-purpose applications. This can impart subtle floral and herbal notes, especially in styles where a touch of hop aroma is desired.

Elevate your brewing precision with the noble German purity of Magnum Hops. Whether crafting classic lagers, hop-forward ales, or exploring various beer styles, Magnum invites brewers to infuse their creations with a foundation of clean and exceptional bitterness. Order your Magnum Hops today and transform your brews into a testament to the art of brewing excellence!


Alpha Acidity: 17.7
Intended Purpose: Bittering
Flavor/Aroma: Bitterness and Citrus

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