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Crisp Flaked Rice (Torrefied)

Crisp Flaked Rice (Torrefied)

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Enhance the lightness and crispness of your brews with Crisp Flaked Rice (Torrefied). This high-quality adjunct from Crisp Malt is perfect for brewers looking to create clean, dry, and highly drinkable beers. Torrefied rice is pre-cooked to gelatinize its starches, making it ready to add directly to the mash.

Key Features:

  • Light and Crisp Finish: Imparts a light body and crisp finish to your beer, reducing overall maltiness and allowing hop and yeast characteristics to shine.
  • Increased Fermentability: Adds fermentable sugars without contributing to the flavor or color, resulting in a higher alcohol content with a light, clean taste.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of beer styles, providing flexibility in recipe formulation.

Recommended Usage Rates:

  • Light Lagers and Pilsners: Use up to 20-30% to achieve a clean, crisp profile with a light body and dry finish.
  • Cream Ales: Incorporate up to 20% to enhance drinkability and create a smooth, refreshing mouthfeel.
  • American Light Lagers: Include up to 40% for a highly fermentable adjunct that contributes to a very light, clean, and dry beer.
  • Belgian Ales: Use up to 15% to lighten the body and increase the dryness, allowing complex yeast flavors to stand out.
  • Saison and Farmhouse Ales: Incorporate up to 15% to create a dry, crisp finish that complements the spicy and fruity yeast character.

Why Choose Crisp Flaked Rice (Torrefied)?

  • High-Quality Production: Sourced and processed by Crisp Malt, ensuring premium quality and consistency in every batch.
  • Enhanced Drinkability: Perfect for brews where a light, refreshing finish is desired, making your beers more palatable and enjoyable.
  • Easy to Use: Pre-cooked and ready to add directly to the mash, simplifying the brewing process and saving time.

Crisp Flaked Rice (Torrefied) is an essential adjunct for brewers seeking to create light, crisp, and highly drinkable beers. Whether you're crafting a traditional lager or experimenting with new recipes, this versatile adjunct will help you achieve the perfect balance of body, flavor, and finish.

Grain Specifications


Intended Use: Rice

Flavor/Aroma: Dryness, Crisp Finish

Maximum Volume:


Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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