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Crisp Crystal 120L Malt

Crisp Crystal 120L Malt

Buy grain by the ounce, order as much or little as needed. By default, we will combine grains into a single bag. If you'd like us to keep your grains separated, please leave a comment in the Shopping Cart's notes section. We've included a pounds to ounce conversion chart below.

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Elevate the depth and complexity of your brews with Crisp Crystal 120L Malt. This malt, produced by Crisp, a renowned UK maltster, offers a rich, dark color and an intense caramel flavor that is perfect for adding sweetness and a deep, amber hue to your beers.

Ideal for a variety of beer styles, including stouts, porters, red ales, and old ales, Crisp Crystal 120L Malt imparts flavors ranging from a subtle caramel to a robust molasses. This high-degree caramel malt also contributes to the body of the beer, enhancing mouthfeel and head retention due to its complex sugar composition that does not fully ferment.

At our store, Crisp Crystal 120L Malt is available by the ounce, allowing you to purchase exactly what you need for your brewing projects, ensuring freshness and precise ingredient measurement. It is also available in larger quantities for those who wish to stock up. Use Crisp Crystal 120L Malt to bring rich caramel flavors and a beautiful color to your next brew, enhancing its overall character and drinkability.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Caramel & Crystal Malts


Maximum Volume:

Lovibond: 120

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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