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Corks for Belgian Beer Bottles | 44mm Length x 25.5mm Diameter | 30 Count

Corks for Belgian Beer Bottles | 44mm Length x 25.5mm Diameter | 30 Count

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Seal your Belgian beers in style with our premium corks, specially designed for Belgian beer bottles. These corks are crafted to provide a perfect fit and optimal seal for the unique requirements of Belgian-style brews, ensuring your beer stays fresh and carbonated.

Each cork measures 44mm in length and 25.5mm in diameter, tailored to fit a wide range of Belgian beer bottles. These dimensions are specifically chosen to handle the higher pressure levels typical of these brews, providing a secure seal that can withstand the effervescence of Belgian ales, saisons, and other specialty beers.

This pack includes 30 corks, making it ideal for small to medium batch brewers who value quality and reliability in their bottling supplies. Whether you're a homebrew enthusiast or a craft brewery, these corks ensure that your carefully crafted beverages are presented beautifully and maintain their intended flavor profile and carbonation until opened.

Use our corks to cap your next batch of Belgian beers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your brews are perfectly sealed and ready for aging or immediate enjoyment.

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