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16.9 oz Amber Euro-style Glass Bottles | 500mL Brown Beer Bottles | Case of 12

16.9 oz Amber Euro-style Glass Bottles | 500mL Brown Beer Bottles | Case of 12

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Elevate your brewing presentation with our 16.9 oz Amber Euro-style Glass Bottles, the ideal choice for those who cherish European brewing tradition fused with exceptional quality. Available in a case of 12, these 500mL brown beer bottles encapsulate the essence of classic European design while offering superior functionality for your brewing creations.

Crafted from premium glass in a rich amber hue, these bottles excel in UV performance, significantly outshining other colored bottles in protecting your beer from sunlight. This superior UV resistance ensures that the delicate flavors and aromas of your beer are meticulously preserved, preventing the unwanted effects of light exposure, such as skunking, which can compromise the taste and quality of your brew.

With a 16.9 oz (500mL) capacity, these bottles are perfect for individual servings, providing an elegant and convenient option for enjoying your favorite beers. The Euro-style design features a gracefully tapered neck, enhancing the pouring experience and minimizing spillage, making them not only a practical choice for storage and serving but also a visually appealing one.

These Amber Euro-style Glass Bottles are particularly suited for a broad spectrum of beer styles, from the robust richness of stouts to the crisp freshness of lagers. Opt for these amber bottles to ensure your beer remains in peak condition, shielded from light degradation, and ready to be savored at its fullest flavor.

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