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Calcium Carbonate | 2 oz. Bag for Homebrewing

Calcium Carbonate | 2 oz. Bag for Homebrewing

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Calcium Carbonate, commonly referred to as chalk, is a crucial brewing additive used to adjust the pH level of mash and water used in the brewing process.

Packaged in a convenient 2-ounce bag, this compound is especially beneficial for dark beers, aiding in the extraction of flavors and colors from dark grains while ensuring optimal enzymatic activity during mashing.

For a five-gallon batch, the recommended usage range is 1 to 2 teaspoons, with a maximum of 4 teaspoons to avoid exceeding the desired pH level. Excessive use can lead to a chalky taste and overly high pH levels, which might inhibit yeast activity and affect the beer's overall flavor profile.

Perfect for brewers looking to fine-tune their water chemistry, Calcium Carbonate is a staple ingredient for creating balanced and flavorful brews.

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