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Budvar Lager Yeast by Wyeast 2000-PC (Private Collection)

Budvar Lager Yeast by Wyeast 2000-PC (Private Collection)

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The Budvar Lager Yeast by Wyeast 2000-PC, part of their Private Collection, is a liquid lager yeast strain known for its ability to produce a malty aroma with subtle fruit tones. It has a rich malt profile on the palate and finishes malty but dry, well balanced, and crisp, allowing the hop character to come through in the finish. This yeast strain is ideal for brewing traditional Czech lagers and is particularly well-suited for styles like Czech Premium Pale Lager, American Light Lager, Pre-Prohibition Lager, German Helles Exportbier, and American Lager.

Key characteristics of this yeast strain include:
- Attenuation: 71% - 75%
- Flocculation: Medium-High
- Alcohol Tolerance: 9%
- Optimal Temperature Range: 48°F - 56°F (9°C - 13°C)

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: 2000-PC

Yeast Strain: Lager

Attenuation: 71% - 75%

Flocculation: Medium - High

Temperature Range: 48° - 56°

Alcohol Tolerance: 9%


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