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Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt

Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt

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Elevate your brewing with Briess Goldpils Vienna Malt, a versatile malt that adds rich flavor and vibrant color to your beers. Crafted by Briess, this malt is designed to provide a malty-sweet flavor with a subtle toasty and biscuity character, making it perfect for a variety of beer styles. With a color rating of 3.5 Lovibond, it contributes a warm, golden hue to your brew.

Goldpils Vienna Malt is known for its balanced malt profile, adding both flavor complexity and visual appeal. It is ideal for Vienna Lagers, Märzens, and a wide range of other beers, providing a gentle sweetness and a delicate toasty note.

Recommended Usage Rates:

  • Vienna Lagers: Use up to 100% for a traditional, full-flavored Vienna Lager with a rich golden color.
  • Märzens and Oktoberfests: Incorporate up to 100% for an authentic malt backbone and vibrant color.
  • Pale Ales and Amber Ales: Use up to 20% to enhance malt complexity and add a warm golden hue.
  • Bocks and Dark Lagers: Include up to 20% to provide a subtle toasty note and rich malt flavor.

This malt is highly versatile and can be used as a base malt or in specialty applications to enhance the malt profile and color of your beer. With Briess Goldpils Vienna Malt, you can create exceptional brews with a distinctive malt character and a beautiful golden color.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Base Malt

Flavor/Aroma: Warm, malty & light biscuit

Maximum Volume: Up to 100%

Lovibond: 3.5

Country of Origin: United States

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