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Briess CBW® Pale Ale LME | 3.3 lbs Liquid Malt Extract

Briess CBW® Pale Ale LME | 3.3 lbs Liquid Malt Extract

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Unleash the potential of your brew with Briess CBW® Pale Ale, a premium 3.3-pound liquid malt extract that serves as the perfect foundation for a wide variety of beer styles. This versatile extract offers a light, delicate base that allows the unique flavors of your hops and yeast to shine through, making it ideal for crafting anything from pale ales to lagers.

The Briess CBW® (Concentrated Brewers Wort) Pale Ale LME is known for its exceptional quality and consistency, providing a clean, well-rounded malt profile with a subtle, sweet finish. Its light color and neutral flavor make it a flexible choice for brewers seeking to maintain the true character of specialty grains and adjuncts in their recipes.

Easy to use and integrate into your brewing process, this liquid malt extract streamlines the brewing day while ensuring a reliable and delicious outcome. Whether you’re experimenting with new recipes or perfecting a tried-and-true favorite, Briess CBW® Pale Ale LME delivers a solid malt foundation that supports and enhances the flavors of your brew.

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