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Briess CBW® Bavarian Wheat LME | 3.3 lbs Liquid Malt Extract

Briess CBW® Bavarian Wheat LME | 3.3 lbs Liquid Malt Extract

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Discover the essence of traditional German brews with our Briess CBW® Bavarian Wheat LME, a premium 3.3-pound container of liquid malt extract that brings authentic flavor to your homebrewing endeavors. Perfect for crafting classic wheat beers, weizens, and other styles, this extract delivers a rich, golden hue and a smooth, malty sweetness. 

Briess CBW® (Concentrated Brewers Wort) Bavarian Wheat LME is renowned for its high-quality, consistent performance, ensuring your brews are top-notch every time. It's produced from a blend of base and wheat malts, offering a balanced mix of fermentable sugars and the characteristic wheat beer flavors of banana and clove.

Easy to use and perfectly suited for both beginner and advanced brewers, this liquid malt extract simplifies the brewing process without compromising on taste or authenticity. Add depth and traditional character to your beer with the rich, flavorful foundation of Briess CBW® Bavarian Wheat LME.

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