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The Barrel Mill

American Oak Spiral for Barrel Aged Beers | Heavy Toast

American Oak Spiral for Barrel Aged Beers | Heavy Toast

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Enhance your beers and spirits with the rich, nuanced flavors of our American Oak spirals, featuring a heavy toast level. These premium oak spirals are expertly crafted to deliver a deep, complex flavor profile, characterized by notes of vanilla, caramel, and toasted bread, bringing a warm, rounded character to your beverages.

The spiral shape of our oak bars is specifically designed to increase the surface area for flavor exchange, ensuring your drinks absorb the maximum oak essence. This design not only enriches the flavor but also simplifies the process, making the spirals easy to add and remove from your aging vessels, and offering a hassle-free cleanup compared to traditional cubes or shavings.

Our American Oak spirals with heavy toast are perfect for brewers and distillers seeking to impart a pronounced, yet smooth, toasted oak character to their creations. They are ideal for adding complexity and enhancing the overall sensory profile of your products. Elevate your brewing and distilling experience with these meticulously crafted oak spirals, and bring a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to every sip.

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