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The Barrel Mill

American Oak Spiral for Barrel Aged Beers | Char #3 Toast

American Oak Spiral for Barrel Aged Beers | Char #3 Toast

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Experience the rich, complex flavors of oak in your beers and spirits with our spiral-shaped oak bars. Crafted from premium American Oak, these spirals are designed to impart the distinctive, sought-after oak character to your beverages. Our spirals come with an intense char #3, providing a robust and smoky flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to your creations.

The unique spiral configuration of these oak bars offers an improved surface area for enhanced flavor exchange, ensuring your beverages are thoroughly infused with the oaky goodness. This design not only maximizes flavor infusion but also allows for ease of removal and cleanup, offering a significant advantage over traditional cubes, shavings, and flakes.

Sold in various levels of toasting to chars, these oak spirals cater to a wide range of flavor profiles and brewing or distilling needs. The intense char #3 option is perfect for those looking to add a bold, smoky, and complex oak character to their beers or spirits. Whether you're a homebrewer or a professional distiller, these American Oak spirals are a convenient and effective way to enhance your beverages with the rich, nuanced flavors of oak.

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