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Airlock for Fermenting Beer, Wine, Kombucha and Foods | Three Piece Style

Airlock for Fermenting Beer, Wine, Kombucha and Foods | Three Piece Style

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Introducing our Three-Piece Airlock - the perfect companion for your beer and fermented beverage fermentation needs. This versatile airlock is expertly designed to provide superior protection against contaminants, oxygen, and airborne bacteria, ensuring that your brew remains pure and untouched throughout the fermentation process.

Our Three-Piece Airlock consists of a cap, a body, and a floating bubbler, allowing for easy assembly and cleaning. The transparent design lets you monitor the release of CO2 gas, giving you a visual confirmation that your fermentation is on track. The floating bubbler creates a barrier, allowing CO2 to escape while preventing any external contaminants from entering your fermentation vessel.

To use, simply fill the body of the airlock with a sanitizer solution, which acts as a protective barrier. As the yeast generates CO2 gas, the pressure builds up and pushes the bubbler up, allowing the gas to escape while keeping oxygen and contaminants out. This ensures that your beer retains its intended flavor and quality, free from unwanted oxidation or spoilage.

Whether you're an experienced brewer or just starting your fermentation journey, our Three-Piece Airlock is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity and taste of your brews. Its ease of use, effective protection, and durability make it a must-have for any fermentation setup.

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