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Lactic Acid 88% for Homebrewing | Liquid 4 oz Bottle

Lactic Acid 88% for Homebrewing | Liquid 4 oz Bottle

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If you're a home brewer aiming to perfect the pH balance of your mash and sparge water, this 4 oz. bottle of Liquid Lactic Acid with 88% concentration is a game-changer. It's highly effective and reliable, ensuring your brewing water has the ideal pH to enhance enzyme activity and improve the flavor of your beer.

The concentration of 88% is potent, meaning a little goes a long way. For each gallon of water, you only need 1-2 ml of this lactic acid to reduce the pH by 0.1, making it economical and efficient for home brewing. The precision in dosing allows for fine-tuning the water profile, ensuring consistency in your brews.

What's impressive about this product is its versatility. Not only is it great for adjusting water chemistry, but it can also be used to acidify wort or adjust the sourness in various beer styles, adding another layer of control and creativity to your brewing process.

The packaging of this liquid lactic acid is practical and user-friendly. The 4 oz. size is convenient for storage and handling, yet it contains enough acid to treat many gallons of water, providing great value. The bottle design allows for easy measurement and precise dosing, minimizing waste and ensuring accuracy in your brewing endeavors.

This Liquid Lactic Acid is an essential tool for any home brewer who wants to take control of their water chemistry and ultimately, the taste of their beer. Its high concentration, ease of use, and versatility make it a top choice for brewers who are serious about crafting the perfect batch of beer.

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